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Custom Made Clay Stamps
Custom detailed logo stamp for clay
We specialize in stamps made specifically for ceramic clay, polymer and precious metal clays.   For maker's marks see examples below.   For larger logo stamps like this example please see the page on sizes and prices by clicking on the image above or click here for prices.   This stamp example used our hard black plastic Signature Writer (R) Surface for maximum detail and durability.   This material is water proof and used by production potters for mug logo stamps.

Choose the type of clay stamp tool you are looking for...

Lowest cost stamps with good quality images Our classic stamp, the lowest cost for best quality of surface.   Easy to grip wood handle and our trademarked Signature Writer (R) Surface for maximum detail with strength.   This stamp will make thousands of marks without wearing out.   Good option for project that requires two or three words and a graphic image design.
Our best maker's marks with pewter handles Our best stamps for chop (maker's marks), the most size/shape options, best handle and quality of surface.   Pewter handle with rope texture for good grip and our trademarked Signature Writer (R) Surface for maximum detail with strength.   This stamp will make thousands of marks without wearing out.   Good option for your maker's mark/chop that requires two or three words and a graphic image design.  Handles are cast using lead free pewter.
large stamps for logo mugs and other work If you need logo stamps for mugs, medallions, etc these are your stamps.   Made using our trademarked Signature Writer (R) Surface for maximum detail with strength on wood handles in 1/4" increments up to about 6" size.   This stamp will make thousands of marks without wearing out.   Good option for projects that requires logos like mugs for events or organizations.
wood roller for texture marking clay We offer a selection of stock hand roller design in this 4" size (see designs).   We also can make your design as a custom roller.   These are about 4" wide (100 mm) and we can make them to repeat the design over a long roll out for a quick way to texture clay slabs.   These hand rollers can also be used on the side of your work while still on the wheel if you let the clay firm just a little and use corn starch as a release agent.   Made in USA of fine grain maple wood.
underglaze transfer stamps for bisqueware Underglaze stamps made to use with underglaze pads for use primarily on bisqueware.   We carry Potter's Pads from Minnesota Clay Company that fire from cone 06 to cone 9 with an underglaze mark transferred with these rubber surface stamps.   We make these using your design, but for this type of stamp a little bolder image is required to transfer well.   We recommend a clear glaze glaze spray or dip over the underglaze mark for durability over time.  Underglaze pads available in a range of colors, with black & blue being the most popular.
Your 3 initials as a stamp for clay Looking for your initials to mark your work?   Here is your easy answer, with over 120 pre-tested layouts in different font styles and stamp methods (either pressing letters in or letter to push up from a background).   Choose from these options and order without the need to provide artwork.   Several common sizes and shapes to choose from for the 3 initials layouts (you do not need to use 3 initials, we can make many of these with between 1 to 4 initials depending on the layout you choose).
Our collection of over 500 stock designs for clay stamps We offer over 500 stock designs for clay stamp tools, most are at about 1" size made in fine maple wood.   Click on the photo to the left to view different design groups like animals, plants, and symbols.   These stamps work well for ceramic water based clays, but not for Precious Metal Clay.   If you need one of these designs for PMC we can make them in a different material at smaller sizes.   We can also combine any of these images with text you provide to make custom stamp designs speicif to your needs.

Company Description:

We make custom stamps and rollers for marking clay.   Use our tools to decorate the clay surface or as a maker's mark (chop) to identify your work.   We specialize in custom clay stamps for professional potters, using artwork or logos you create or your customer requests.   Produced in about 1 week or less.
World wide delivery. Our clay stamp making process was developed by artist Joel Socwell while studying ceramics at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater.   This special process uses a laser to cut your design into a durable stamp tool.   As a service to the ceramic arts community, Joel now offers this process for transferring your custom design into an easy to use ceramic tool.   With express shipping you can have your stamps in hand in just 3-5 days depending on your location.   The stamps are durable and can make thousands of quality marks, and last for years in most cases.   We have a full selection of stock stamp images, sold exclusively by SOCWELL LLC available only here on

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Here is what other customers are saying about custom made clay stamps from Socwell LLC...

"They arrived safely today.  Very pleased with them absolutely excellent.  Thank you for the excellent and swift service."
- Colin Knightley, Lightcliffe, United Kingdom

"I love my new stamps and have long forgotten my hand carved plaster stamp I've been using for years! Thank you."
- Caren Helm, PIZZAZZ Pottery, Fairhaven, VT, USA

"Just wanted to let you know that the stamp you made for me got here safe and sound.   I'm super happy with the quality and thank you so much for the fast turn around!"
- Sherry Kirk, La Center, WA, USA

"Received the two new stamps. Awesome as the others. Thanks"
- Chuck Iker, Iker Bonsai Pottery, Batavia, OH, USA

"We just ordered 1" custom logos from a graphic/jpeg I created.  Great service & attention to detail.  Committing to our logo like this is a big step in terms of professional branding.
4clay was the right company to handle the small (yet important) details.  They get it."
- Thanks! Kate & Al Spirit Line Pottery

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