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Magic Mender

When you compress clay using a stamp tool, the rate at which it dries is different than the un-stamped/uncompressed clay next to the mark.  If the clay dries too fast this can cause a small crack to form on the edge of the clay mark sometimes.  Rather than discard the work, repair the crack using magic mender.  Using a small brush simply brush on to fill the crack and proceed as normal once it is dry.  Use Magic Mender to adhere parts together and repair cracks. Can be used on greenware or bisque but must be re-fired for repair to be permanent.  Comes in high fire and low fire formulas, use the one that matches your clay.  Bottle will not go bad for years, so a small amount will last you a long time.  Drying your work slowly under cover is the best way to avoid cracks, but this is a backup plan.

You can view and print the how to use Magic Mender PDF instructions

use to repair cracks around clay stamp marks
magic mender brush
Magic Mender AZTEC High Fire
(High fire being between cone 01 and cone 12)
Brush included with 2 oz. bottle
Price: $19.80

magic mender brush
Magic Mender Low Fire
(Low fire being between cone 022 and cone 02)
Brush included with 4 oz. bottle
Price: $21.37

View how to use Magic Mender PDF
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