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custom banding roller for marking clay, made in USA

Banding Rollers for marking clay with your text

Your custom text can be made into a banding roller for clay.   No artwork required with these standard layouts.   These rollers fit standard MKM RH-2 handles.   We use our trademark Signature Writer Surface (R) to cut great detail with strength in these rollers. Roller size is about 22mm wide.   There is space for up to 15 characters depending on the layout.   Please contact us with questions tools@4clay.com.   It takes about 3 to 10 days to get a custom banding roller made.

Banding roller with reversed lettering to lift up in clay.
up to 15 characters on roller
Price: - $49

Banding roller with traditional Greek Wave design.
up to 15 characters on roller
Price: - $49

Banding roller with braided rope design.
up to 15 characters on roller
Price: - $49
watch video of banding roller

Custom Hand Roller for marking clay with your design

Your design can be made into a wood rolling pin for clay!   These hand rollers are made for marking soft clay with a surface pattern large enough to cover a whole vessel.   No handle is needed with these rollers.   Just roll them like a rolling pin over the clay surface, can be used flat on a table surface or on the wall of a piece while still on the wheel.   These custom rollers are made in USA and exclusive to www.4clay.com.   Available in 3 sizes of 2", 4", and 8" long and 3/4" diameter.   Please contact us with questions and send your artwork to us by email for creations of the roller.   Send artwork to tools@4clay.com.   We will contact you with any questions once we receive the order and artwork.  It takes about 10 days on average to make a custom roller.   When setting up a design for the roller, remember that the design will repeat as you mark the clay.   So the transition from the starting end to the finish end should be made to look natural as possible.   See the layout below...

If you would like a worksheet just email us...
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My design on this maple wood hand roller