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Make sample mugs for your show room
Low cost sample logo stamps

Need to make samples for your show room?   We offer low cost logo stamps to help you create samples for your show room or studio.   These stamps are 1-3/4" size, which should work for most mugs and other vessels.   A sample made in your studio can help you can talk to customers about custom logos on mugs and bowls that you make.   These also can be used to test the Signature Writer (R) Surface with your process before before you invest in a larger stamp with custom logo.   There are many things to consider; like if you will use a medallion of clay stamped and then attached to the piece using score and slip OR will you stamp directly onto the piece.   These samples let you try out a real world stamp and see what works for your process.   We offer these below our cost, to help you make cost effective samples of your work to help promote your business.   We offer a choice of 3 sample images shown here.  Note: You will receive a stamp that looks exactly like the photos below and says "your logo here" or "custom logo here". These are pre-made sample stamps (not made from artwork you supply). The stamp message " your logo here" will press into your sample mug for your customer to get the idea they could ask you to make a mug with their logo. If you don't want one of the images below but your own logo, please email us at tools@4clay.com with your artwork and we can quote you a price to make a stamp with your logo instead.

stamps you can use to make sample mugs for your show room

Choice of logo:
Size of this sample is 1-3/4" (about 45 mm)

Sample of Signature Writer (R) Surface
Order a 1" sample stamp to test on clay

Many questions can be answered by testing first with your specific process. If you are not sure if our stamps will meet your needs you can order a sample stamp for just $1.00 plus shipping cost. We offer 3 types of surface, but by far the mostly commonly used is our trademark Signature Writer (R) Surface for crisp marks into soft clay. That surface works on all clay types (stoneware, PMC, polymer, etc.)
Surface Material Selection
What type of clay do you use?

Question how to order a custom stamp?

Please email us at tools@4clay.com with any artwork or instructions and the general size you have in mind.   We can then setup a free proof layout and go from there.

It is best to include the word " artwork " in the subject line of the e-mail, in case your e-mail is blocked as junk mail, we can find your message more quickly.

or write to us at:

PO Box 719
Whitewater, WI 53190

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