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Page 33 - Maple wood stamps designs for marking soft clay

click to see more Click NEXT or BACK arrow to see more pages of designs.  We have several hundred clay stamp designs to choose from in 9 sizes.  Scroll down to see all designs on this page.  Need help? - email us! :) click to see more

Made in Alabama
stamp size
Beer Hops to press flower into clay
stamp size
Beer hops to press circle background into clay
stamp size

SD668 Alabama
SD669 Beer Hops
SD670 Flower Grain

stamp size
stamp size
Art Tools
stamp size

SD671 Crab
SD672 Shrimp
SD673 Art Tools Brush and Pencil

Maze In (to press into clay)
stamp size
Chrysanthemum Flower
stamp size
Wood Saw
stamp size

SD674 Maze IN Pattern
SD675 Chrysanthemum Flower
SD676 Wood Hand Saw

Maze OUT (to push up in clay)
stamp size
Pine Cone #4
stamp size
Anvil & Hammer
stamp size

SD677 Maze Out
SD678 Pine Cone #4
SD679 Anvil & Hammer tools

Lone Tree pushes into clay
stamp size
Pine Cone #5
stamp size
Pyramids of Egypt
stamp size

SD680 Lone Tree on hill
SD681 Pine Cone #5
SD682 Pyramids of Egypt

stamp size
Pine Cone #6
stamp size
Egyptian Eagle Glyph
stamp size

SD683 Jacks
SD684 Pine Cone #6
SD685 Egyptian Eagle Glyph

Lone Tree pushes up from brack ground circle in clay mark
stamp size
stamp size
stamp size
SD691 Pine Trees
SD686 Lone Tree #2
SD687 BaseBall
SD688 Loon
Our maple wood stock designs for marking soft clay are made right here in our shop in Whitewater, Wisconsin, USA. Drop down list to choose the size between 5/8" and 2-1/2" for each design.   We stock the standard 1" size and make the other sizes to order.   Production time is about 24 to 48 hours for sizes we don't have in stock.   The stamps are cut so the white areas shown are raised on the stamp surface and will be your final mark that will press down into the clay.   Another way to think about that is the internal black areas will lift up towards you.   So if a design has a white background and black image inside, that will result in a white circle pressed into the clay and the black image will be a raised clay image above the background shape.   All designs are copyright (C) 2009-2022 SOCWELL LLC.   All stock stamps are made in house and custom versions are available (by e-mail request) if needed in other surface materials for underglaze transfer, PMC, or ink on paper.   These stamp tools are made of high quality laser cut maple wood and can be used for many years of creative work.   Depth of the mark is about 1/8" (about half the wall thickness of a piece made on the wheel) and made for ceramic clays.   A single shipping charge applies to all orders no matter how many stamps you order, so additional stamps ship for free.   And don't forget, we specialize in custom clay stamps, so if you want us to take one of these stock designs and make it into a custom stamp with your name or initials, we can typically do that very quickly and send you a proof and quote before we make it.