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Potter's Pen Colors - Underglaze pen for use on ceramic clay.

Example of mark on bisque ceramic using Black Underglaze Pen
Black Potter's Underglaze Pen
Black - $17.40 USD
Use the Potter's Pens by drawing on bisque ware and covering with a clear glaze. Black color is rated to cone 9 but has been used up to cone 11 with acceptable results. Pens can be refilled with Minnesota Clay refills in 3 oz bottles.

How to use a Potter's Pen on ceramic clay.

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how to open pen to refill

Yes, you can refill underglaze pens it from the refill bottle and here are some photos of how to remove the tip...the big trick being the thread is reversed from normal. So you need to remove in a clockwise direction and maybe will need to apply a little pressure to break the seal. Once open you can use the refill bottle to refill the pen.

Custom rubber stamps from your design for use with Underglaze.
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We stock 3 oz. bottles of black underglaze refills for the potter's pen. Other colors are available on request, currently we only stock the black refills and only sell the black potter's pens.