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Potter's Pen Colors - Underglaze pen for use on ceramic clay.

Example of mark on bisque ceramic using Black Underglaze Pen
Black Potter's Underglaze Pen
Black - $14.00 USD
Use the Potter's Pens by drawing on bisque ware and covering with a clear glaze. Black color is rated to cone 9 but has been used up to cone 11 with acceptable results. Pens can be refilled with Minnesota Clay refills in 3 oz bottles.

How to use a Potter's Pen on ceramic clay.

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Custom rubber stamps from your design for use with Underglaze.
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We stock 3 oz. bottles of black underglaze refills for the potter's pad. 1 oz. is what we normally suggest to refill a pad, so each bottle is about 3 full refills using a flat side of a ruler, ceramic wood tool or a brayer to spread it out over the pad. Other colors are available on request, currently we only stock the black.
$20 per 3 oz bottle.