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International Shipping 2021-2022

Last winter Covid-19 shut down much of government postal service for the most cost effective way to ship orders.   To our surprise this is happening again already this fall. Almost weekly we get changes to shipping times or even suspended service completely.   So we are trying to offer two options for delivery for our customers outside the USA.

Option 1: if you need it fast and with good tracking the BEST SERVICE is by UPS.   We offer a flat rate of $75 on our website when you checkout OR you can ask us to quote specific to your address.  Please request a UPS quote for shipping cost by emailing us at tool@4clay.com with your physical shipping address.   Note that we can not use PO boxes with UPS.

Option 2: we are trying a new service called Global Post which tries to work around the service issues by using multiple final delivery options  We won't know what service will deliver the final miles to your location ahead of time.  This service is the most affordable and offers some tracking, but not as much tracking as UPS. Expects delivery times in weeks and not days for this option.   We are not sending replacement packages on this option until at least 3 months has passed since we shipped the package to allow for the service issues at this time.   Tacking may show no new scans for a long time using this option and that is normal because packages are just sitting waiting to be processed do to labor issues in transport, customs, and delivery services.

Australia and New Zealand currently have suspended government postal service from the USA. Only Global Post and USP options are available for Australia and New Zealand at this time.

map of global shipping routes
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