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Fixture for supporting the bottom of bowls while you stamp your maker's mark

Stamp-Eaze 2 fixture for stamping the bottom of clay vessels

All NEW Stamp-Eaze 2 for supporting clay as you stamp the bottom of your work.   Made by Bear Hands Art Factory in North Carolina, this patent pending design works great for quality marks using our stamp tools.   Adjustable to vessel size up to 11" deep and 15" wide. Now comes with two size support posts included, for a wide range of pottery sizes.

Price: $52 USD

Video showing how to assemble and use a this fixture to support clay while stamping maker mark.
Tips and Tricks for using Stamp-Eaze
New Updated Version for 2022

This stamping system is designed by potters for potters to help you make clean and clear marks on your pottery.   If you have ever had trouble with the center of your stamp not showing up as deep as the outside areas or if you work distorts when you press you mark into the center bottom of pottery, this is the answer.   Support from inside the pot helps make even crisp marks without distortion of your work.   This set will handle pots up to 11" deep and bowls up to 15" wide.   Below are the general instructions for use, so you can understand how this fixture works.

Easy steps for use:

Step 1 - make sure your pot is dry enough (in the leather stage) to be moved without warping.   Make sure the bottom of your pot has sufficient thickness to accept the stamp, 1/4 to 3/8" thickness.

Step 2 - measure the depth of the inside of your pot from the bottom to the top of the lip.   Adjust the center post to the same height as the depth of your pot.   For example: if your pot is 6" from the bottom to the lip, adjust the center post to 6" in height from the top of the wheel to the top of the base.

Step 3 - Now, gently turn your pot over and, while continuing to support the pot with your hands, place it onto the center support.   Try to get the pot as centered as possible for even distribution of weight.   Check that the rim of your pot is resting on the foam.   If the pot isn't touching the foam, remove it and lower the support a little.   Lighter smaller pots may be fine simply being supported from the center, but larger heavier pots will need some support on the rim as well.

Step 4 - When the pot is stable, use your fingers to press the bottom gently to make sure the bottom is supported by the wheel assembly.   If the clay gives in to pressure, you may need to raise the wheel a bit.   You should be able to press firmly and create a perfect mark, with the center support adjusted correctly.

Tips: If your clay is still slightly soft, sprinkle a bit of cornstarch on the bottom so the stamp won't stick.
You can also spray your Signature stamps from 4clay.com with WD40 to prevent sticking and produce good details.

It's best to wait until the clay is firm and dry to stamp.   You cannot stamp your clay once it has started lightening up in color.   Check with your fingernail for softness.   Try a few test pots to get the hang of it before stamping something that took you a long time to make!

This support tool will make putting your mark on the bottom of your pots easier than ever!   NEW version 2 now comes with two different size support posts included for a wide range of pottery sizes.   Like a third hand in your pottery studio, the Stamp-Eaze will support the clay from underneath, so you can confidently press your new stamps into the clay.   No worries about the bottoms caving in because they are slightly soft, or the mark coming out too light, because you couldn't press hard enough without cracking the clay.   This handy helper is made in America by potters who use one every day.   Patent Pending.

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Video how to assemble and use Stamp-Eaze with tips and tricks
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YouTube video how to use.
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