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99% of our pottery stamps are manufactured in our laser workshop here in Whitewater, Wisconsin in the United States of America.   We take pride in making a quality stamp tool for clay artists, your satisfaction is important to us.   Each stamp is made to your custom instructions, artwork, and size.   If you are not happy with your stamp we will make you a new one to replace it at no cost.   We can offer this "ooops free guarantee" service because we find most people are very happy with the results.   We are based in the USA, but take orders from around the world and it is easy for us to ship international orders.

Our artists have over 20 years of experience with setup of custom marks for the laser & making clay art.
Clay stamps are our primary business, we make custom stamps every day and have hundreds of happy customers around the world.   Each stamp is tested in soft clay before we ship your custom design to be sure the mark will work well.   Our wood stamps and our trademark Signature Writer stamps make crisp bold marks in clay, far superior to rubber stamps.   They are the right tool for the job when it comes to marking clay with images & signatures impressed into the clay.   We do make rubber stamps as well, and recommend them for liquid underglaze and ink transfer methods.
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