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Stock Roller Stamps

We no longer are making rollers to fit MKM RH-1 size handles.   We do have a few roller left in stock, so if you are looking for something specific let us know and we can check our inventory.   The following items are on clearance and we have limited stock.

Stock design clay roller

Sea Shells pattern roller for clay
SD1014 use handle RH-1
Sea Shells Roller 35mm (1-3/8" wide)
$25.00 USD

SD1012 use handle RH-1
Hieroglyphics Roller 35mm (1-3/8" wide)
$25.00 USD

SD1008 use handle RH-1
Music Notes Roller 35mm (1-3/8" wide)
$25.00 USD

SD1011 use handle RH-1
Sun/Moon Roller 35mm (1-3/8" wide)
$25.00 USD

SD1013 use handle RH-1
Wood Bark Pattern Roller 18mm (3/4" wide)
$20.00 USD

Fast fire wood kiln at Socwell Pottery using clay stamp decoration on stoneware

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