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5 step instructions for using PayPal invoice

If you don't use PayPal invoices by email very often, here are the 5 steps to using a standard credit card to place your order. We hope this helps, step 4 is where people sometimes get confused if they "agree" to setup a PayPal account. So you may want to take note of that step to say "No, I don't want an account" at the bottom of step 4.

Step #1 - You should receive an email that looks like this.
Click on the blue button text that says "View and pay invoice".

You may have to click on download images or enable HTML type email viewing to see this correctly as shown here.   If you did not receive an email invoice like this, let us know, sometime they are blocked as junk mail.

Step #2 - Your web browser will open a page that displays full order information.
Click on blue button that says Pay $

We use PayPal to process all international orders, it is a safe way for you to use a trusted credit card processing service and your card information is not shared with us directly.   We are just notified of the finished payment when completed.   If you prefer another method we can also process your credit card using Square Service, but for international orders we only can take payment through the PayPal Service.

Step #3 - Here you choose to pay by PayPal Account OR another method like credit card. Click on the pay with Debit or Credit Card tab if you do not want to setup a PayPal account.

If you have a PayPal account you can login to your account here.

Step #4 - Enter credit card information & Address.

You will be asked to enter billing address and also shipping information if different from your billing address.   At the bottom of this page it will ask you if you want to create a PayPal account. Check the dot next to "No, I don't want an account now" if you do not want to use a PayPal account for this purchase.

Step #5 - Check confirmation of payment.

You should see a PAID INVOICE screen like this one once the payment has been processed and also you should receive an email with the same information. Please keep this until your order is completed and in your hands in case of any questions.

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