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stamp clay using ceramic stamps from www.4clay.com
Production time for custom stamps: normally 5 days or less.
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Logos for mugs  shown by permision of Fannin County Chamber of Commerce 2016-2019

Custom Logo Stamp for clay mugs
wood handle maker's marks for clay artists
Maker's Marks with wood handle
pewter handle maker's marks for clay artists
Maker's Marks with pewter handle

We specialize in stamps made specifically for ceramic clay, polymer and precious metal clays.   If you need to stamp logos on your work, you have found the right place!   Use our trademark Signature Writer (R) Surface for maximum detail and durability.   This material is water proof and used by production potters for mug logo stamps.   We have 2 styles of custom maker's marks (also called a chop) specifically for marking your clay work before you fire it in the kiln.   And we make stamps to transfer underglaze onto bisqueware for marking your work after it is dry or bisque fired.   Custom rolling pins from your design are also possible, email us!

You are reading the French Language version of our website. Most of our employees only speak English, but if you show us with pictures and email text instructions we can translate using google translate we can make a stamp for marking clay that is custom made to your design. We usually send a proof layout with picture of what the stamp will look like before we make it, for you to approve by email. We may not be able to answer complex questions in French but we should be able to commincate in pictures and words to get you the clay tool you need.

Just email us your artwork and tell us the size needed, we will do the rest!

Clay stamps 500 designs/9 sizes

Clay rollers 250 designs/3 sizes
Stamp Eaze 2

Other Handy Tools
We make a wide selection of maple wood stamps and rollers designs for marking clay.   These tools work great to decorate your clay surface. 750+ designs available in 9 sizes all tested for working with ceramic clays.   Our clay stamp making process was developed by artist Joel Socwell while studying ceramics at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater.   This special process uses a laser to cut the design into a durable stamp tool.   As a service to the ceramic arts community, Joel's five person team offer custom and stock stamps for transferring your ideas to clay work.  Our team has decades of experience in ceramics, customer service, and manufacturing to serve you.   The stamps are durable and can make thousands of quality marks, and last for years in most cases.   If you don't like them, we replace them for FREE under our oops free guaranty, see details below.   Proudly made in Wisconsin, USA exclusively by SOCWELL LLC available here on www.4clay.com.

If you need help, or have questions, please email us - tools@4clay.com

Legal Stuff & Refund Policy: We do not refund custom orders once produced, but do offer free replacements as described below. For other refund requests, we may withhold a processing fee we are charged by PayPal which can not be returned, usually about 3% of the purchase price. This fee changed in 2019 as we are no longer able to give full refunds on canceled orders for example due to this cost we incure.

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